The Cost $$ of Depression

This time last year I was laid up at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville Florida. My Fibromyalgia was out of control and then they diagnosed me with depression. Have you noticed that those who have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia are also getting diagnosed with depression? Well, fast forward to the end of my stay at the Mayo Clinic and meeting another older woman who has been dealing with depression for years. She was down to earth and very vivid in the way she described depression but it was a book she recommended that helped me the most. If you know someone who suffers from depression, think you might suffer from depression or are in love with someone who suffers, this is a must read. “The No Bullshit Guide to Depression” sells for about $15 on amazon but is worth a million bucks to me. It has taught me to love myself, understand the people around me who don’t understand depression and also how to laugh at myself.

I was always a jovial person and referred to by many as Mrs. Claus because of my giving nature but it took years for them to figure out that even through my sweetness, I suffered from a very dark secret. Since being diagnosed, I have seen so many lives lost to depression and especially those of young people getting bullied. At 13 my son knows kids who want to end their lives in middle school due to cyber bullying and name calling. Depression is not an adult condition, it is a human one! I bought my son “The Survival Guide to Bullying” because I needed a way to inform him of things he can do to help those who are being bullied. I am now on the mend and loving the person I am today but if you know someone with depression, please be a friend and help spread awareness. Acceptance and tolerance for the differences among us will save us the cost of depression which are lives lost and no amount of money can quantify such a lost.


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