Review of my staples

So, there several staple items I have to use to get my face staying young. Oil of Olay is one of those products. Olay is not oily though it has oil in its name but it leaves your face feeling smooth and lasts all day long. Another such product is Nivea Creme. I absolutely love how my face feels throughout the day with my nivea creme on there and it does not leave your face oily either. For my Fibromyalgia friends who like me, live in pain daily, I have found a new product to help ease some of the Fibromyalgia pain. Outback all natural pain relief is a roll-on pain relief that takes care of those horrible shoulders pains down to the ankles. You can always find a roll-on nearby me as I find it important to have pain relief so that you are not just looking good throughout your day but feeling good also. The last thing I have in my purse lately is this girly fidget spinner. Can I just tell you how relaxing this toy is? You can catch me whipping it out in high stress situations and just feeling so much better after. I know that one is pretty girly but they do have some for our big boys also. I hope you take a look as I continue to share my favorite things.


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