My Fibro Hell

I have Fibromyalgia. I have great days where I am pain free and can live life to its fullest. I have bad days where I can’t move and the pain that radiates through my knees and fingers are more than one can bear. I function on an array of medicines prescribed to hopefully keep the pain and swelling at bay. Thing is, I don’t know if I have fibromyalgia. My symptoms don’t fall neatly into the categories my seven doctors have identified and now specialists outside my area are what they recommend for my treatment. You see, my lower back spasms and the doctors have no idea why. There are different parts of my face that cheeks, eyes and lips are always on the move. I have sharp, electric pains that radiate through my arms and legs that render those body parts useless. The occasional sore on my tongue or red patches on my elbows don’t fit Fibromyalgia. The stabbing pains that go through the top of my head can’t be explained and the MRI says don’t rule out MS! Really! So, what do I have? My Fibro hell is never ending. I have passed out from Cymbalta, gained 75 pounds from a combination of Tramadol, Gabapentin, Lyrica and Amitriptyline and yes, they were all taken together. And so, my Fibro hell continues.

I have learned to love life regardless of what it throws at me. I have learned to appreciate that laughter is therapy so I live, laugh and love a little more than I use to. I am learning that I don’t fit neatly into any one category and that is okay with me. All I really want is the Fibro hell to stop and someone to really let me know what is wrong with me. When the medical community is not sure of what condition is ailing a person, Fibromyalgia is an easy diagnosis, especially if there is joint pain and swelling involved. I am living in Fibro hell but not allowing the hell to take over who and what I am nor will it stop me from accomplishing my goals.

I have Fibromyalgia and sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed
I can sit and feel sorry for myself or get out and live instead
I live with Fibromyalgia and it is the roommate from hell
But even with thoughts of misdiagnosis, only time will tell
If the pain, burning, twitching and spasms will ever end
But until that time and to that end, this woman will stand tall and my faith will never bend.

My Fibro Hell!



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