It has to stop!

It is a horrible feeling having to sit through the nightly news fearing that someone you know, someone you love, could potentially be tonight’s breaking news. Truth isn’t self evident. We come to realize what’s really important to us out of pure fear. As I watch the news, I see daily that our lives matter! I live in fear that the world in which I am raising my son is one in which he will not be accepted. One in which he will not progress because it is set in such a way that failure becomes option two. The black lives matter movement has tongues wagging, protestors in an uproar and, citizens and police living in an environment where each considers the other the enemy. It has to stop!

George Washington Carver said, “fear of something is at the root of hate for others, and hate within will eventually destroy the hater.” It is time we band together and promote peace. We are currently living at the line of demarcation between the past hurts and wrongs experienced by the African American race and those who fought to defend our rights and the new reality that change starts with wanting to see a better tomorrow for our children and their offsprings. We have to be the change we want to see. New growth starts with first accepting that there is a problem and trying to be a part of the solution. In order to stop the fear we have to learn to live in love and realize that hate causes destruction. It has to stop!

I want to see a world where people stand up for unity, for love and for what’s right regardless of race. It shouldn’t be African Americans against the cops, the cops against the black man, it should be people against racism, people against police brutality, humans against inequality. All black lives matter, all white lives matter and what we fail to realize is we are saying the same thing…ALL lives matter! It has to stop!

We have to get united or divided we will fall. We all have to stand up against anything that may divide us and especially in a system where no one is expecting a united front. There are miscarriages of justice all around us but if we rally together for a common cause, a better world for my son, your children and their offsprings, it might stop!

My thoughts and feelings are written for no other reason but that of fear. Fear that my son as a young black man will fall victim to the hands of those who are sworn to protect him. I have not taught him to see color because my ancestry won’t allow me to do so and the mix of black and white is evident in our genes. I have however, taught my son to stand for what is right no matter the gender, race or creed of a person. He has gone to bat for kids who were being bullied and has had white friends come to his rescue when racist remarks were being made against him. It has to stop!

A united people can overcome any roadblock meant to keep them back. Teaching our next generation love and acceptance will promote peace among them. Yes, there is a war being waged against our black youth but let the first line of defense to protecting them be unity, love, peace and understanding. If we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything. Stand together against what’s wrong in our society. Stand together for injustice and wage not war against the police but take a united stand for good over a few corrupt evils. It can’t stop, it won’t stop until we stop the hate and start to love, accept and promote peace.





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